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Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

In the midst of the current COVID–19 pandemic, people are looking for more information about how to protect themselves, their families, patients and at-risk individuals. Below are links to find important COVID–19 information.

Free Online Virtual Training

Nasco Healthcare is proud to offer these important COVID-19 virtual training scenarios FREE.

BeREADY during the course of the coronavirus pandemic. 


Body Interact

Interactive digital simulator for practicing virtual scenarios. Learn how to react and treat suspicious patients based on recent guidelines.


Practice comprehensive COVID–19 patient monitoring scenarios and develop cases. Allows rapid creation of new scenarios or editing of existing ones.


Practice interactive COVID–19 patient communications. IrisCamTM: HD camera for patient point-of-view live streaming and debriefing.

COVID case is now available for public view. Patient is called Veto Russo.



Simulates electronic medical records for COVID–19 patients. Brings clinical documentation to the simulation lab.

Healthcare Professionals

Important links with comprehensive Information and guidance on COVID–19 prevention, control and patient care from experts and the white house.

Nasco Healthcare Employees

Important links with the latest COVID–19 pandemic information for Nasco Healthcare employees and keep you up to date on our strategy for health and safety.

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