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Bui Quang Hanh

Au Viet Technique Import-Export JSC

“We love and cherish the values that Nasco Healthcare represents.

Ten years ago, Vietnam was a developing country that lacked simulation products for medical students. Since then, we have bought thousands of manikins from Nasco Healthcare for medical universities, medical colleges, and training centers throughout Vietnam.

Thanks to your simulation products, Vietnam now has strong medical professionals who are READY – especially during the pandemic

Nasco Healthcare has helped bring positive changes to the health of the Vietnamese people. Thank you so much!”

Peter Sraud

Speeding KFT

Speeding has been involved in Hungarian medical education for over 20 years.

Simulation has grown from almost zero to having a nationwide network of training centers and schools. Nasco Healthcare has been part of this development process as a loyal and reliable partner.

Our customers enjoy your products because they are realistic, easy to use, long-lasting, and can easily be serviced. Students that practice on Nasco Healthcare products will Be READY for an actual patient.”

Scientific Coorporation Equipment Company

“We would like to thank Nasco Healthcare for the great opportunity to be their distributor in Egypt. We have had a great impact in the Egyptian healthcare sector and are now in most universities and institutions. 

Our end users give us very good feedback on your quality, prices and on how realistic Nasco Healthcare products are. Together, we are helping the Egyptian healthcare sector to Be READY. Thanks again!”

“We are a company that distributes Nasco Healthcare products to our satisfied customers. Our customers are always very impressed with the diversity of your products, and they are used in a wide variety of different healthcare areas.”

“Nasco Healthcare’s contribution to healthcare and education through their simulation product is amazing.

I have been using many of their skills trainers for different training. The products are anatomically correct and close to reality. They really enhance the feeling of touch. It has helped many professionals boost and brush up their skills.”

“First, this is not winning for us. We won much more than this once we started cooperation with Nasco Healthcare after getting the OFAC license from the US treasury.

Working with the biggest, most valuable, worthful, nice and friendly company has been made us be number one and leader of selling anatomical models and simulators in the territory.

The company does their best to make things easy and happy for us. We are so delighted to have Nasco Healthcare as our supplier.”

My first experience with Nasco Healthcare was back in 2007. 

Our customer lost a Rescue Randy manikin in a storm during a Polish Water Rescue Team training exercise. I explained the situation to Nasco Healthcare and to my wonderful surprise, they sent a new one free of charge. 

Nasco Healthcare offers not only professional products, but it also has professional customer service. They understand the needs of their customers. 

Nasco Healthcare is always READY to provide the best support.

Maria Victoria Fiorino


Como clientes de muchos años de Nasco Healthcare podemos decir con certeza que sus productos acompañan de la mano de ELECTROTECNIA FIORINO al mercado Argentino en entrenamientos de baja y alta complejidad. Respetadas instituciones de todo nuestro país deciden y eligen trabajar con ELECTROTECNIA Fiorino y Nasco Healthcare, por su calidad, su diseño y su compromiso.

En contaste innovación. Con un equipo de trabajo que respalda la calidad de sus productos con calidad humana.No es casual que una relación comercial se extienda por mas de 25 años, simplemente habla de una compañía seria, con valores y una misión completamente cumplida para con sus clientes. Siempre al servicio de sus clientes, apoyando grandes y pequeños proyectos, con dedicación y esmero.

Transciende la relación comercial, ELECTROTECNIA FIORINO, conoce y sabe que mas que un socio, tiene un amigo, después de tantos años nos sentimos parte de este nuevo aniversario y celebramos juntos por muchos años mas.

En ELECTROTECNIA FIORINO estamos orgullosos de acompañar y ser parte de este 80 aniversario de Nasco Healthcare, extendemos nuestras felicitaciones por este gran trabajo, y destacamos la calidad humana que siempre tuvo y tiene. Porque detrás de cada gran compañía hay grandes personas que hacen posible hasta lo imposible. Felicidades!!!.

Giovanni Rota

Sociedad Radiotécnica Ecuatoriana

“We’ve been distributors of Nasco Healthcare’s products in Ecuador since 1999, and our customers have always been pleased to the extent that many bids base their specs on them.

The quality is excellent, the prices are competitive and new products are frequently introduced, which gives our customers something new to look at all the time.”

Lynnette Crowe

Shasta College Health Sciences

“The nursing and allied health programs I work with utilize a variety of Nasco Healthcare products. Among the most frequently used are injection bellies, blood pressure training arms, IV training arms, GERi, Airway Larry, and so much more. 

Our students training is so much richer because of Nasco Healthcare’s products.”


Universal Medical Inc.
Oldsmar, Florida, USA

The Nasco Healthcare Partner Portal has proven a useful tool for our Customer Service team. Through the use of the portal, we have streamlined the process of managing staff access to frequently requested user manuals. The comparison charts in particular allow our staff to quickly determine which model best suits our customer’s unique needs.

Philip Wandibba

Pulse Healthcare Limited

“In Africa, most patients seek medical services only when in serious condition. Regular health checks are not widely done, and Covid-19 has exacerbated this situation. Our health facilities always need to Be READY.

Nasco Healthcare’s range of products provide ideal tools for training to ensure good skill levels across all our medical teams. There is no better partner than Nasco Healthcare to achieve the readiness necessary to respond to medical situations.”

“Accurate is honoured to be a Nasco Healthcare distributor since 2013. Working with Nasco Healthcare, we have understood the importance of having excellent customer service in healthcare and see the impact of marketing strategies in developing the simulation market.

Nasco Healthcare they have always been a pioneer in developing top-notch products that could meet the customer’s needs.

Happy 80th anniversary to the Nasco Healthcare family!”

Marco Angel


“Nasco Healthcare has been part of the preparation of EMS, physicians, and all healthcare professionals in Colombia for the past 30 years or more.

With a vast and complete portfolio at affordable prices for quality products, Nasco Healthcare has been our number one option for years. Hundreds of medical, nursing and technical schools have used its products to teach generations.”

Cliff Jackson


“In the 24 years of distributing Nasco Healthcare products, we have always found the international sales managers helpful when a problem arises.

In all these years we have only had two minor claims which speaks volumes for the quality of the products.”

David Tauber


“As a rural volunteer ambulance doing 911 work, we need to make sure our volunteers practice low volume but highly importance skills. Simulation and skills trainers have been an essential part of our providers feeling prepared for any emergency.”

“Nasco Healthcare has something to offer for everyone.

With the broadest product portfolio, Nasco Healthcare meets most of the training needs for an undergraduate medical program like no other.

Long may this continue!”

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