DANi Teen & Young Adult Advanced Training Solution

Be READY to make a difference in a young person’s life.

What is DANi?

Evolving from our full body KERi™ manikin, DANi is an advanced training solution designed to support training on the fundamentals of nursing and EMS procedures for issues relating to drug abuse, sexual assault, mental health, or self-harm.

DANi accurately reproduces scenarios and challenging dynamics for learners to administer critical care for this important patient demographic.

A realistic, hands-on learning experience ideally suited for classroom, in-situ, or hospital instruction.

Each version is affordable and durable with upgradable items.

DANi manikin is designed after teenagers and young adults

3 Configurations Available

Advanced Patient Care Trainer

General patient care, patient positioning, bandaging, wound dressing, oxygen administration, injection sites, and sexual assault/drug use/self-harm identification.

Advanced Patient Skills Trainer

Respiratory support, injection/IV with IM pads, intubation, CPR with performance metrics, blood pressure, enema administration (female), catheterization, vaginal, pelvic and prostate examinations.

Advanced Patient Simulator

Comprehensive and complete simulation platform including patient monitoring capability and auscultation.
Dani Manikin

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Dani - Male Version
Dani - Female Version


Accurate physical assessments (body map) for signs of physical trauma are essential for legal purposes.
DANi allows learners to practice some forensic evidence gathering from blood, semen samples, and more.

Trauma Simulation1-3

  • Physical assessment
  • Airway, breathing, circulation
  • Body trauma scan
  • Wound care
  • Self-harm/drug use moulage
  • Asymmetric pupils

Realistic Features1-3

  • Pupils
  • Airway
  • Acne
  • Smooth skin
  • Tattoo sleeve
  • Piercings & earrings
  • Three styles of wigs
  • Foot wounds

Female & Male Genitalia Inserts1-3

Includes female sexual assault genitalia insert

Patient Positioning1-3

Superior range of motion, seating, laying, finger and toe manipulation

Nursing Care1-3

Grooming, daily living assistance, eye/ear/hair care, catheter, injection, oxygen, blood pressure, pericare, ostomy care, urinary catheter care, oxygen administration

Respiratory Support2,3

Manual ventilation with chest rise, respiratory support, intubation, ventilation, tracheostomy care & suctioning


  • 6 anterior heart sites with 12 heart conditions
  • 5 anterior, 6 upper posterior, 4 lower posterior, 2 midaxillary lung sites with 12 lung conditions

Basic Life Support (BLS) & Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)2,3

CPR with quality performance metrics, carotid pulse, intubation

Advanced Skills2,3

Gastrostomy, nasogastric procedures, airway/trach suctioning, enema, pap smear, pelvic exam, intravenous injections
REFERENCE GUIDE: 1. Available on Advanced Patient Care Trainer. 2. Available on Advanced Patient Skills Trainer. 3. Available on Advanced Patient Simulator.
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