Our Purpose

Our mission is to prepare healthcare workers to be ready to deliver optimal patient outcomes and save lives, whenever and wherever they are called.

At Nasco Healthcare, we believe in the frontline healthcare and rescue workers that are charged with caring for those in need and ready to serve at a moment’s notice. 

They are selfless, humble and often driven as if this was their higher calling. They don’t think of themselves as heroes, but that’s exactly what they are. Long stretches of mundane tasks may fill the day. 

But at any moment, they are catapulted into action. Making split-second decisions with lives hanging in the balance. The situations are unpredictable – but they are steady.

They are ready.

Ready to answer the call.
Ready to make split-second decisions.
Ready to deliver when it counts.
Ready for any situation.
Ready to save lives.

We believe we have a responsibility to do our part. To prepare healthcare workers to Be READY in any situation. To be their trusted partner to help them be the best they can be, when it matters most. We owe it to them. And, to the patients they treat and save.

Our products prepare them to be at their best, the moment they are called upon.

Child Crisis manikin with paramedic
Emergency and First Responders
Geri manikin with nurse
Nursing and all Healthcare Workers
Rescue Randy with Medics
Military and Rescue

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