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Our Leading Products for Simulation in Healthcare

The broadest range of products available for simulation training in healthcare.

From in-hospital care to casualty and rescue/extrication scenarios, our simulation in healthcare solutions prepare frontline healthcare workers to Be READY to deliver the care required to improve patient outcomes and save lives. Our deep breadth of upgradeable products – from low to high fidelity – means you can find the right training solution for your current and future needs

Every Nasco Healthcare product is:

  • Rugged, reliable and hyper-realistic
  • 100% hand-made in the USA to ISO9001
  • Compliant to healthcare regulations (e.g., OBRA, NPR, AHA)
  • Covered by an up to 5-year warranty
  • Future-proof with easily upgradeable and replaceable parts
The following represent just a selection of our over 6000 products to show the range of products we offer.
Rescue Randy simulation in healthcare rescue manikin

Rescue Randy

Our line of full-sized manikins, led by our hallmark International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Rescue Randy. Check out our new Casualty Care Rescue Randy – fully compliant with TCCC/TECC.

Child Crisis simulation in healthcare emergency care manikin

Child CRiSis

Accurate child-sized simulation system for comprehensive emergency training on a smaller scale. Includes a line of full-body manikins at different age configurations.

CPR prompt simulation in healthcare CPR trainer

CPR Trainers

Includes a line of basic and advanced CPR trainers for high-quality training on proper CPR administration. Multiple configurations to fit all sizes and budgets.

Alex simulation in healthcare patient communicator

ALEX - Patient Communication Simulator

Full-body patient communication simulator that sees, listens and talks using artificial intelligence to build non-technical skills (e.g., decision-making, patient assessment).

SkillQube in use


SKILLQUBE® software is built upon years of medical training experience and offers healthcare professionals the most realistic patient monitoring and medical device emulation solutions available.
Baby Charlie simulation in healthcare neonatal manikin

Neonatal Simulators

Featuring the line of C.H.A.R.L.I.E. neonatal resuscitation simulators, full-body newborn simulators for neonatal care training. Developed in conjunction with the latest Neonatal Resuscitation Program Guidelines (NRP®)

IV arm simulation in healthcare

IV Arm & Task Trainers

Contains multiple venous structures to enable training on multiple types of punctures using a variety of injection/access sites. Ideal for nurses and phlebotomists in-training.

Lucy simulation in healthcare birth simulator

Lucy Birth Simulator

High-fidelity birthing simulator with wireless-controlled automated delivery and dynamic airway. Hyper-realistic with multiple options to simulate potential childbirth complications (e.g., CPR, seizure management, ECG).


TERiTM - Androgynous Geriatric Care Trainer

The next generation of geriatric care medical simulation is here! TERiTM is a comprehensive male/ female elderly patient care trainer for medical simulation. Ideal for geriatric nursing home and elderly long term care training.


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