Are you READY for SESAM 2024?

Join us June 19-24 for the 29th Annual Meeting of SESAM at the O2 Universum in beautiful Prague.

SESAM (Society for Simulation in Europe) supports simulation in healthcare for training and research. We are looking forward to seeing you at the event! Stop by Booth G2 to view our wide range of medical simulation solutions, including:

  • XR-Clinic & MVR-Nursing
  • Neo Nate – Neonatal Resuscitation Trainer
  • ALEX Patient Communications Simulator
  • C.H.A.R.L.I.E. Neonatal Resuscitation Simulator
  • TERi Elderly Care Trainer
  • DANi Teen & Young Adult Trainer

We’re hosting exclusive product demos every day!


A virtual simulator designed to train nurses in professional skills by immersing them in clinical practice scenarios. Safely perform assessments, examinations, and administer treatments on virtual patients.


An affordable, revolutionary medical training solution using virtual reality with high resolution graphics. Develop diagnostic skills with virtual patients while using a variety of instruments, medicines, and tests.


Now available in a medium skin tone, TERi is a full-body elderly patient care trainer configurable in male or female variations for medical simulation. Ideal for long-term care facilities and emergency room training.

Neo Nate

Our full-body, lifelike neonatal trainer designed for the instruction of basic care and lifesaving skills in the moments immediately after birth. Neo Nate addresses key training demands of neonatal care specialists in clinical settings.


The first Patient Communication Simulator that sees, listens and responds using artificial intelligence to help learners build critical thinking, decision-making and priority-setting skills.

Nurse with Alex Simulator


An advanced training solution that simulates a teen/young adult patient. DANi features enhanced aesthetics to provide added realism for learners to gain experience in administering care to this important patient demographic.


A full-body newborn simulator for neonatal care training. Developed in conjunction with the latest Neonatal Resuscitation Program Guidelines (NRP) to help prepare frontline healthcare professionals to Be READY.

Baby Charlie simulator in incubator

For more information and/or arrange meeting, please contact:

Michal Pelanek
Sales Director – Europe
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(+420) 604 280 019

Manan Kalia
Global Sales Director – International Markets
[email protected]
(971) 56-327-2692
(+91) 93-1930-5343

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