Congratulations to Lee Johnson and Jack McNeff

At Nasco Healthcare, we continue to make significant progress with our transformation and growth strategy. Our aim remains to establish Nasco Healthcare as an indispensable partner in the global healthcare system – preparing frontline healthcare heroes to Be READY the moment they’re called upon. 

To ensure we stay on track to achieve our aspirations, and to keep pace with our continued growth projections, we are enhancing our focus on the critical levers that will lead to our success.

I am delighted to announce the following changes effective January 1, 2021. Lee Johnson has been promoted to Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Jack McNeff will be leading all our Corporate Transformation initiatives internally as the new Vice President of Transformation.

Lee will lead, direct and oversee all aspects of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Global, which includes North America and International markets, distributors, partners, and NHC staff. He will direct NHC sales, marketing and customer service teams to develop new clients and cultivate increased sales year-over-year. He will also work closely with me to align on the global forecast, drive top-line growth, and manage the team across geographies and functions. The position also contributes to the organization’s corporate objectives and alignment with Nasco Healthcare’s vision. 

Jack McNeff will lead, direct and oversee key transformation initiatives, which includes implementation of new systems and processes which deliver value to the organization. He will work closely with me to identify and execute value creation initiatives that support exponential growth. His role will include collaborating with functional leaders to assemble project teams, project plans, goals and objectives and manage initiatives from conception to completion. Jack’s extensive experience at Nasco Healthcare makes him ideal for these new responsibilities.

Please join me in congratulating Lee Johnson at [email protected] and Jack McNeff at [email protected] for their outstanding work and contribution to Nasco Healthcare.


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