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CPR Prompt in use

CPR Prompt®+ Powered by Heartisense™

NEW American Heart Association Compliant. Professionally made adult & infant manikins to enable effective instruction on the essentials of basic life support.

Rescue Randy Manikin being carried by firefighters

International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Rescue Randy

Designed with the help of IAFF our 100% made in the USA full-body manikin used worldwide by first responders for rescue/extrication training in confined spaces, collapsed buildings, smoke rooms and ladder carry-down protocols.

Rescue Randy being carried by military medics

Casualty Care Rescue Randy

Meets all the training criteria for Tactical Combat Casualty Care for all military service members and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for EMS/ EMT/ LEO first responders.

Rugged & affordable, full-body manikin for realistic training in treating the 3 most preventable causes of death: Massive Bleeding, Tension Pneumothorax and Airway Obstruction.

Powered by Strategic Operations Hyper-Realistic technology.

‘Airway Larry’ Adult Airway Management Trainer Head

Simulates a non-anesthetized patient with realistic anatomy and landmarks. Ideal for practicing oral, digital and nasal intubation, suction techniques and proper cuff inflation. Suitable for both introductory classes or advanced students.

Child Crisis Manikin with paramedics

Complete Child CRiSis Manikin ​

Represents the size of a 5-year-old child to provide realistic training on CPR, suctioning and airway management
on a young patient. Lifelike anatomy with fully articulated head, neck and jaw with realistic jaw thrust feature.

C.H.A.R.L.I.E. Neonatal Resuscitation Simulator

Meets the requirements for NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) 7th edition.
C: Compressions, cardiac
H: Heat compatible
A: Airway, arterial access via the umbilicus
R: Resuscitation
L: Laryngeal mask capable for oxygen use or PPV
I: Intravenous, intraosseous, intubation
Body Interact simulator at EMS World

Body Interact™ Clinical Education

Online learn-from-anywhere advanced clinical patient scenarios using virtual reality to drive critical thinking. Sharpen decision-making skills across inpatient, outpatient and pre-hospital care. Call us for special pricing.

SimVS Manikin in use

SimVS Monitor Simulation System

Comprehensive monitor simulation system that provides realistic patient monitor training in real time. Suitable for online, classroom, lab or remote locations.

Teri with a nurse

TERi™ Geriatric Patient Simulator

A comprehensive male/female patient care trainer that takes geriatric medical simulation to the next level. Realistic look and feel accurately represents human anatomy. Weight is distributed to represent a real patient for lifting and carrying.

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