XR-Clinic and MVR-Nursing
by MVR Technologies

Be READY for advanced VR medical clinic simulation


XR-Clinic is an affordable and revolutionary medical training solution using virtual reality with high resolution graphics.

Develop diagnostic skills with virtual patients while using a variety of medical instruments, medicines, and tests – all in a safe environment with real-time session monitoring.


MVR-Nursing is a virtual simulator designed to train nurses in professional skills by immersing them in clinical practice scenarios. Safely perform assessments, examinations, and administer treatments on virtual patients in a realistic environment.

Features clinical case libraries with comprehensive overviews of emergency care, ICU management, medical care, and pediatric care.

XR-Clinic and MVR-Nursing both feature industry-leading graphics, optimized response time, case manager customization, haptic feedback.


XR-Clinic Key Features

  • Low price
  • Special pricing for classrooms
  • Lifetime license for VR simulator set
  • Desktop version license valid for 4 years
  • 200+ medical scenarios in library
  • Unique teleportation feature
  • Smart Center with Spectator feature for managing and tracking training
  • Multi-user capability – ideal for medical schools or simulation centers
  • Multiple languages

XR-Clinic Desktop

  • Same features as XR-Clinic Mobile, but without hardware

MVR-Nursing Key Features

  • Low price
  • Lifetime license
  • Patient interaction with dialogue
  • Unique teleportation feature
  • Over 50 interactive items
  • CPR, airway management, defibrillation, ECG, medication administration, and more.
  • Customize medications and scenarios while evaluating performance against standard assessment systems and protocols.
  • Currently available in English

XR-Clinic at IMSH 2024


“As someone who has been in medical education for many years, my experience with virtual reality by MVR gives me confidence that this technology will play a very important role in medical education, training, and development. Even after graduation, it will be very important for residency training programs.”

Professor Hossam Hamdy

Chancellor, Gulf Medical University
Ajman, UAE

XR-Clinic Testimonials from
Gulf Medical University, UAE

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