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Body InteractTM

Virtual clinical scenarios that mimic reality to accelerate critical thinking.
Ready to make decisions. Ready to learn.

Expert-reviewed virtual patient cases to sharpen critical decision-making skills across 18 specialties.

  • Didactic clinical education using realistic patient cases
  • 100’s of real-world clinical scenarios
  • Comprehensive feedback and scoring
  • Reviewed by experts across major specialties
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  • Large range of expert-reviewed scenarios from over 18 specialties
  • Aligns with core competencies of international standards and guidelines
  • Subscription-based
  • Compatible with any internet-enabled device
  • Sim-integration available in combination with procedures
    trained on task trainers
  • Multilingual (Chinese, English [UK and US], French, German, Portuguese [Portugal and Brazil], Russian, Spanish and Turkish)
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Body InteractTM – Tabletop view of patient cases.

Sharpens decision-making skills across inpatient, outpatient and pre-hospital care.


Simulates realism

Participants can see and hear the patient deteriorate, creating realistic tension and the need for quick-thinking and decision-making.


Real-time reactions

Virtual patients react to all actions in real time for realistic training on assessment, diagnosis and treatment.


Critical feedback

Comprehensive feedback and scoring so that participants know areas of improvement


Expert-reviewed clinical scenarios

Clinical evidence and well established guidelines reviewed by experts from the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association, American Stroke Association and the European Society of Cardiology.


Meets international standards

Scenarios are tagged with related core competencies of leading international standards and guidelines.


Use anywhere, anytime

24/7 compatibility with any internet-enabled device.

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