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Distance Learning Solutions for COVID-19

Distance Learning for COVID-19 with Virtual Patients

Be READY in any situation. Prepare for COVID-19 with a variety of distance learning solutions.
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Body Interact Distance Learning for COVID-19
Body Interact allows students to continue their studies via distance learning for COVID-19 with virtual patients through clinical scenarios. The platform allows students to apply their knowledge in a realistic environment and receive feedback in real time. Subscription includes:
  • A wide range of clinical scenarios.
  • Unlimited access for all students and professors.
  • Integrated feedback tools with individual analytics.


SimVS is a comprehensive solution that handles all echelons of care from basic life support to the emergency room or operating room. SimVS has been updated for the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide realistic patient ventilator monitor training.


ALEX is the first patient communicator that can see, listen and talk. Practice interactive COVID–19 patient communications. ALEX has an HD camera for patient point-of-view live streaming and debriefing. NEW COVID-19 case is now available for public view. Patient is named Veto Russo.

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