Nasco Healthcare: Nursing, Ob Gyn, Pediatric, Emergency Rescue & Trauma, Military, IV, CPR, Healthcare Simulators

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Melissa Dummer

Sales and Marketing Manager – Domestic Distribution Relations

United States

Peter Marotta

National Distributor Sales and Clinical Simulation Specialist

United States


Stacey Haywood

Regional Director – Canada
(905) 717-0360
(905) 954-4918


Ingo Spaeth

Regional Director – Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

Edmundo Vargas Neto

Regional Director – Latin America
(+55) 11-97543-7670
(920) 566-5598

Latin America

Lee Johnson

Vice President International Sales, Marketing & Customer Service
(+44) 73-754-01-666


Ed Perez

Regional Director – Europe

Manan Kalia

Regional Director – Middle East, Africa & South Asia
(971) 56-327-2692
(+91) 93-1930-5343

Middle East, Africa and South Asia

International Customer Service

Jamie Smith

Customer Service 

Asia Pacific

Kim Wojcik

Customer Service 


Ivonne Cheek

Customer Service

Latin America

Michelle Sewell

Customer Service

Middle East and North Africa